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RE: AISC Section Database

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	I  was informed by my professor that his student, when they did a
structural steel program for beams, what they did with the tables was they
scanned them, converted the file, and placed it either in MS Access or MS
Excel.  Although I know that the process is tedious and hard-to-believe,
it's how they did it. What I just did was that I  made a program in EXCEL
wherein dimensions of the section would be inputted and the properties would
appear on the adjacent columns. The file was saved and   functioned as a
	Anyway, I downloaded the a program at called
"Engineering Power Tools". They have a portion for Structural Steel
"I"-section,pipes and angles. The data files can be opened and edited thru
	There are other much better methods. I tried to look up on the
Internet for the data file but without success. Anyway, hope this helps.
I'll join in the ride with you in looking for the files. Thanks!

Allan Yango
Toyota Motor Philippines

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> Currently Im working an in-house structural steel program. Any idea where
> can I find
> AISC steel sections database?
> Thanks
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