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Re: Bridge Pier Program

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I've use Leap's "RC-Pier" before.  The DOS version was extremely cumbersome
especially for inputting all of the loads but earlier this year I got the
opportunity to use the new windows version "RC-Pier LA", it's alot more user
friendly.  I haven't played with it's LRFD design capability so I don't know how
well that works.  There are a couple of well documented bugs.  You can ask LEAP
for a copy of their "Tech Alert" or download their "journal" in *.PDF format
from their web site.

Good luck.


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Subject:  Bridge Pier Program

We are considering buying/leasing a proprietary program specifically writen
for analyzing and designing reinforced concrete piers for highway bridges.
We haven't decided on one yet - we are still evaluating the options.

I would appreciate comments from those that have used any of the proprietary

David Finley, P.E.
PEC - Lake City