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Taking Questions for Seismology Submission

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I will be reviewing all of the posts as far back as I can research. My goal 
is to create a list of questions that are as yet unresolved or unsure as to 
the intent of those who created or published the code.
I would like to submit the questions to members of the Seismology Committee 
and particularly would like to present the questions at the Panel Discussion 
to be held at the Convention on October 2.

With all due respect for SEA professional Convention, I am  not in favor of 
marketing this panel discussion with the intent of generating profit for SEA. 
At the very least, this should be a public service to the professional 
community. Personally, I will have to invest in transportation and hotel 
costs to attend this discussion and would have perfered to see the discussion 
held in the virtual community so as not to force hard working engineerings 
from having to invest so much just to learn how to use a code they were 
required to buy and which does not clearly state its intent.

I spoke with a local engineer in my area yesterday who has been a member of 
ICBO for many years. He renewed his membership last year - signing up for 
three years. 

He attempted to call ICBO with the intention of asking for clarification of 
the code for wood framing (cantilevered columns specificially). He was told 
that his basic membership did not permit him access to an engineer to discuss 
the code intent. He would be charged an hourly rate for the consulting fee in 
order to have someone define more clearly the intention of the code. He now 
questions what his support for ICBO is providing him.

I would hate to think that SEA can add insult to injury by creating a 
confusing code and then charging engineers additionally to explain it.  I 
hope that SEA intends to make this Panel discussion open to the public - no 
charge, no technical seminar fees etc. I hope too, that their intent is to 
create just what Bill Allen asked for - a Frequently Asked Questions List to 
be posted that will provide clear commentary as to the intent of the code for 
the questions submitted.

Please submit your questions to me directly at <A 

Dennis S. Wish PE