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RE: Cable Design Software

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I am not aware of any canned programs for horizontal cable systems for fall
protection.  I developed a little MathCad template using the methods in the
article "Designing Prestressed Barrier Cables" by Hoshang Presswalla,
Concrete International, May 1989.  The article is for vehicular impact on
cables, but the principals are the same for fall protection per OSHA Subpart

The initial slack in the cable and the number of people tied off on a single
run of cable has a large impact on the anchor forces.  It helps if you can
use the OSHA values for decel devices and body harnesses (1800 lbs with
SF=2).  If you have to use the 5000 lbs per person tied off, the forces are
larger. Subpart M is not very well written.

One of my favorite tie off methods is to use Preformed Line Products anchors
in lieu of fist grips at intermediate anchors.  That way your cable can be
continuous, and the cable can be reused.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Cable Design Software

Is anyone aware of available software for the design of horizontal cable
systems with vertical loads for fall protection applications?

Anthony Rotondo P.E.