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RE: AISC Section Database

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As I said, I've known of some who scanned the AISC Manual but it's not me.
Imagine scanning the whole book!!! What I did was to program everything in

A. Yango

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> << There are other much better methods. I tried to look up on the
>  Internet for the data file but without success. Anyway, hope this helps.
>  I'll join in the ride with you in looking for the files. Thanks!
>  Allan Yango
>  CE/SE
>  Toyota Motor Philippines
>   >>
> I'm not sure if this is legal, but you might consider scanning the AISC
> list 
> and then using OCR software that will maintain columns, convert the pages
> to 
> space separated values or comma delimited values. Personally, I don't see
> the 
> difference between recopying the values manually or using OCR software to 
> convert them. 
> Caution should be taken as you may be comprimising copyright protections
> so I 
> would advise contacting a legal adviser to check on your rights
> considering 
> that the values themselves are standards which may not be protected by 
> copyright.
> Dennis