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Re: SEAOC Blue Book C805.3 Lateral Force Distribution

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In a message dated 8/17/99 6:24:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
lhoward(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Shafat, is document C805.3 going to be available on the SEAOC web site
 so those who are interested can read it?
 Lynn >>

Lynn, I sent the draft that I had dated 8/8/99 which was a rewrite of the 
7/12 draft. It does show a comprimise - especially in cantilevered columns 
but, as you mentioned, it offers no real solutions and only identifies the 
problems. This is where the root of the problem occurs. If you don't have the 
solutions, you should not codify an imperfect or unproven methodology. The 
problem is that Seismology is not willing to start from scratch and, in my 
opinion, will only keep patching an imperfect solution.

I do feel that there has been progress in that our discussions have been 
reviewed and some comprimise made. 

Steve Perlof called me almost two weeks ago to propose the panel discussion. 
I thought it was a very good idea as long as the panel consisted of those 
strong proponents of the current code, otherwise the panel will be nothing 
more than a bitch session. I want to hear the justification which was not 
provided in the past. 

My fears, and I hope I am wrong, is that it will be a one way discussion and 
that Seismology will ignore many strong arguments that make this code 
I also fear that SEA will be promoting this for profit. They are entitled, 
but this is the type of forum that should be open to the public and should be 
given serious consideration on both sides of the issues.

Sorry, but it sounds like I"m skeptical and a bit pessimistic - and I guess I 
am. I am planning on participating and looking forward to the disucssion but 
hope to leave with the feeling of accomplishment both in understanding and in 
comprimise (a word I'm not too fond of).

Dennis Wish PE