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Re: Taking Questions for Seismology Submission

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send me the list of Q's and I will have a written response from seismology
for you.

Bill Nelson

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Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 9:46 AM
Subject: Taking Questions for Seismology Submission

> I will be reviewing all of the posts as far back as I can research. My
> is to create a list of questions that are as yet unresolved or unsure as
> the intent of those who created or published the code.
> I would like to submit the questions to members of the Seismology
> and particularly would like to present the questions at the Panel
> to be held at the Convention on October 2.
> With all due respect for SEA professional Convention, I am  not in favor
> marketing this panel discussion with the intent of generating profit for
> At the very least, this should be a public service to the professional
> community. Personally, I will have to invest in transportation and hotel
> costs to attend this discussion and would have perfered to see the
> held in the virtual community so as not to force hard working engineerings
> from having to invest so much just to learn how to use a code they were
> required to buy and which does not clearly state its intent.
> I spoke with a local engineer in my area yesterday who has been a member
> ICBO for many years. He renewed his membership last year - signing up for
> three years.
> He attempted to call ICBO with the intention of asking for clarification
> the code for wood framing (cantilevered columns specificially). He was
> that his basic membership did not permit him access to an engineer to
> the code intent. He would be charged an hourly rate for the consulting fee
> order to have someone define more clearly the intention of the code. He
> questions what his support for ICBO is providing him.
> I would hate to think that SEA can add insult to injury by creating a
> confusing code and then charging engineers additionally to explain it.  I
> hope that SEA intends to make this Panel discussion open to the public -
> charge, no technical seminar fees etc. I hope too, that their intent is to
> create just what Bill Allen asked for - a Frequently Asked Questions List
> be posted that will provide clear commentary as to the intent of the code
> the questions submitted.
> Please submit your questions to me directly at <A
> HREF="seaintonln(--nospam--at)">seaintonln(--nospam--at)</A>.
> Dennis S. Wish PE