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Seismic requirements for cladding

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I'm an engineer with an aluminum curtainwall/storefront manufacturer in the
midwest.  I am increasingly seeing seismic performance criteria in architects'
specifications.  Unfortunately, I have no real experience with the subject.
What I have deduced from the various building codes is that windloading will
generally govern the design as it averages 2-5 times higher than the calculated
seismic forces.  Here is my concern:

It is very rare that a complete set of prints, to include the structurals, are
sent in for evaluation.  In fact, its not uncommon for me to have no idea what
the surrounding building conditions are.  So, I determine the maximum allowable
story drift by code and then make accommodations for this movement.  The
movement is accommodated by the use of receptor channels; the channels are
anchored to the surrounds and the framing is allowed to "float".  Does this seem
like a good idea?  The more I think about it the more concerned I am that this
will cause more damage than simply anchoring the frame to the surrounds.  Would
the freedom the channels allow be more apt to cause glass breakage and/or
failure of the gaskets?  I guess the real questions is:  how's it done in sunny