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Re: Turkey Earthquake - Another Web Site

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Thank you for the links. I don't think I had any idea of the magnitude of the 
devastation until visiting the site. I hope, as an engineering observer, my 
comments in this post don't minimize the sadness I feel for those who 
perished. Still, there is much to be learned from this experience on how 
buildings perform and I hope we can start discussing possible causes of the 
149 buildings that collapsed.

The seismic design commentaries are also available on the site and I think 
this would lead to an interesting discussion as we discover the cause of the 
failure of the 149 buildings I read on the emergency statistics.
Those that I saw collapsing on the news appeared to be masonry or concrete 
highrise structures and it appeared as though the many suffered softstory 

I would be interested in hearing from those who are studying the damaged 
buildings. If anyone has specific knowledge, please advise how many buildings 
were Unreinforced Masonry and what percentage of the total collapsed masony 
structures this represented.

How many low-rise and wood framed structures were damaged (ie, single family 
and multi-family residences). I understand that the epicenter occured in an 
industrial area but am interested in the effects in outlying areas as well.

Dennis Wish PE