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Re: Wood: Are you as confused as I?????

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Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: Wood: Are you as confused as I?????

>In a message dated 8/18/99 10:24:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>FSRahbar(--nospam--at) writes:
><< Dennis:
> I totally agree with you. However, City of Los Angeles, has had his own
> Building Code for ever and they did what ever they thought was right.
(Dennis said, in part)>
>Careful here, I only know of one instance in my time in Los Angeles where
>city code was less restrictive than the published state code. This was in
>design of Unreinforced Masonry. >Each of the structural provisions that I
recall have been in excess of the UBC minimums and not less than.
>I think this is an important point simply because too many individuals are
>under the impression that if they comply with the building official they

LA City adopted the UBC starting with the (1979?) and amended it a little,
in the manner explained by Dennis.  Interpretations, sometimes
idiosyncratic, have been published as Rules of General Application. That is,
where the Code is not prescriptive LADBS has sometimes provided a
prescription for common situations. ( Mythology has it that in the darker
ages plancheckers kept the RGA's secret in their desk drawers, to inflict on
engineers as they saw fit, but otherwise they were not available).  Now
these interpretations are not intended to subvert or supplant the code,
merely provide a shortcut to an acceptable solution.  A few weeks ago I
inquired on this list regarding the possible existance of any RGA's
pertinent to wood shearwalls/diaphragms and got no definitive response,
except I recall Dennis replied "Why would there be an RGA if there is a
code?"  Well, one assumes LADBS WOULD have a policy regarding interpretation
of these issues, since it seems obvious that there is a broad spectrum of
interpretations, possibilities and opinions.  Are there ANY supplemental
documents from LA, RGA or not, that hint at how THEY  view these questions.
Or can an LA employee confirm that there are NO such?  Does LADBS really
leave it ALL up to the individual planchecker??