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RE: Spreadsheet Title Blocks

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The way that I do title blocks is the same as Bill Allen's way.  I have
a word document that I copy onto the blank header or footer of whatever
program I am working with.  I recently designed our title block because
my firm didn't have one in existance for structural calculations.  I
referenced three structural consultants calculation sheets and tried to
incorporate what I believed was the most important information.  I was
also trying to make it flexible enough so that I could use this for all
the different structural calculations/drawings/etc.  The following
information is what I ended up using.

Company Logo
PROJECT NUMBER:___________
PROJECT NAME:_____________
SHEET________ OF _________
PREPARED BY_________DATE__________
REVIEWED BY_________DATE__________

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Subject: Spreadsheet Title Blocks

This one may be a bit off the wall, but I really can't stand my
title block. I am interested in seeing what others have done in both
and Mathcad to give me a few ideas as to how to redesign my title and

Now, don't laugh, I strongly believe that the presentation is almost as 
important as the work itself. If anyone is interested in sharing their 
titleblock information (not logo's but simply the most important
provided on each sheet) I would be happy to take a look. Email to me at 

Thanks in advance for the help.