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RE: Spreadsheet Title Blocks

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> This one may be a bit off the wall, but I really can't stand my spreadsheet
>  title block. I am interested in seeing what others have
> done in both Excel  and Mathcad to give me a few ideas as to how
> to redesign my title and sheet  information. 

Put the title block in the Word document footer and your organizational 
info (name address phone and logo) into the header of a template document 
and save that. Include page numbering in either the header or footer as 
you prefer. As I've mentioned I merge the numbers from an Excel 
spreadsheet into the text in Microsoft word, but I suppose you can cut 
and paste from Excel, or maybe even from MathCad, onto your Word 
template. It'll be cruder than a merge, and it might not have enough 
expository material (formula references or variable definitions) but the 
numbers will be presentable. When you're done with individual sheets, 
insert them into a fresh Word document in the sequence you want so the 
page numbers are sequential.

I'm inferring from how easy it is with Word 5.1 on my Mac that it's 
doable on Wintel iron. If you want to see how the merge works, get back 
to me off-list. 

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