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RE: Oxygen Gas Tank Foundations

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This is a standard detail they use all the time on machinery foundations -
They make plastic anchor bolt grout sleeves which work pretty good - you
should be able to get them at any builders supply place.

dick roberts

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Sent: Thursday, August 19, 1999 1:27 PM
Subject: Oxygen Gas Tank Foundations

I am currently designing a foundation for Oxygen Gas tank foundations.
These tanks will not be installed in a seismic region and will be
designed for 80 mph wind speeds.  The actual design of the foundation is
straight forward but there appears to be a special bolt imbed that
allows for the slight maneuvering of the bolt to adjust for placement
misalignments.  The imbed is approximately 10"-12" long and attached to
the inside bottom of what would be similar to a metal can with a 3"-4"
radius.  The attachment to the bottom of the can is extremely stiff but
can be "persuaded" to move the top of the bolt slightly to align with
the tank skirt bolt holes.  The entire "can" is embedded into the
concrete flush with the top of the foundation.  

Does anybody know if this is a standard market item or did an engineer
come up with a unique approach that would not have been tested.  If it
is a market item, where/who would I need to locate these items.