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RE: Water/cement ratio 1997 UBC

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As the UBC parallels the ACI, you may note that this provision also
disappeared from the ACI 318.  The last issue of ACI in which it appeared
was the ACI 318-89. It also is no longer in ACI 301.

(The nice thing about 318 as opposed to 301 and the Code is that 318 has
commentary.) When you read the commentary in ACI 318 Section 5.4 you will
note a lot of caveats that were ignored by many practitioners.   

I don't know the particulars on that specific ICBO change, but there was a
problem of engineers and some building officials using table 19-A-7 as a
minimum requirement.  The ACI commentary states that the table was "very
conservative" and should only be used for "relatively small structures".  

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Jeff Smith wrote:

> Does anyone know why table 19-A-7 for water cement ratio was deleted from
> the 1997 UBC?