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RE: Lateral Bracing Steel Studs

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Light gage steel studs should be braced against minor axis rotation a
maximum of 4'-5' with either continuous strap along the face of the stud
(if not sheathed),  1 1/2" channel in the cut outs (attach with 2 #10
screws to a L-clip), stud blocking or the required fasteners in the
sheathing.  Many times it may not be acceptable to count on the
sheathing as it is installed after a portion of the axial load has been
applied.  The studs must be braced prior to any load being applied.  

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Subject: Lateral Bracing Steel Studs

I got a lot of good information on lateral bracing design for the bridge, what is the philosophy on bracing steel studs?  I have a
x 240' sunken roof area to be built-up by using steel studs bearing on
existing roof joists.  The roof diaphragm is supported on all sides by
existing building, which is at the new raised elevation.

So, theoretically, there is no lateral load on the studs.  Again, to
factor rule seems too relaxed in this case.  A diagonal drag angle,
120', can theoretically take the 0.02 force out of the lateral brace
using one screw.

Ed Fasula