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Re: Structural fee for planetarium

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That is quite a bit off the mark for fees around here.  A ballpark fee
would be 1/5 of the Architects fee, or as a general rule between 1% to
2% of the TOTAL construction cost.

As I have always told people before when asked this questions, you
should get as much as you possibly can for the work.  In our office we
have different price structures for different clients.  The same
building would command a different fee, depending on the client.  City,
State, Federal, developer, schools, hospitals, etc., will all be willing
to pay different amounts for the same product.  Some agencies, such as
DSA and OSHPD will demand more from a set of structural drawings, and
therefore a higher fee is in order.  Know your client, and know how much
they would be willing to pay.  As a protector of the free market system,
it is your JOB to get as much as you can!  That is what makes our system

Good Luck.


> Robert Rollo wrote:
> our typical is 1/8th  of the architectural fee or 1% or the struct
> cost.
> usually these are about the same unless our architect is getting
> cheated on his fee . . .
> we are usually expected to do the cost estimating as well for this
> amount . . .
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>      Subject:        Structural fee for planetarium
>      We're designing a planetarium/classroom building for a college.
>      What sort of
>      fee would one expect for the structural design?  Some statistics:
>      58,000 sf of combined classroom floor space and a planetarium
>      61' domed roof at the planetarium, using tension and compression
>      rings and
>      struts
>      Two story construction for the adjoining classrooms
>      Estimated total construction cost:  $8,500,000 to $10,000,000
>      Estimated structural construction cost:  $1,200,000
>      Minimal construction services
>      This isn't very detailed information.  I'm just trying to see
>      what others have
>      experienced in general with similar projects.  Thanks in advance!
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>      John Dewar
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