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Turkey Earthquake, Survivors Lead Calls to Punish the Builders

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The following is taken from an August 20, 1999 article in the New York Times 
entitled "Survivors Lead Calls to Punish the Builders" by Celestine Bohlen.

"An earthquake was not needed to expose the sorry state of Turkey's urban 
construction, as many people are pointing out.  It has been an open secret 
that many apartment blocks in Istanbul and other cities have been in 
violation of local housing codes, built by contractors who skimped on 
materials, added on extra stories, avoided soils test and ignored 
earthquake-proof requirements."

"According to one report done by the Turkish Architects and Engineers 
Association, more than half of all buildings in Turkey fail to comply with 
construction requirements, even though 98 percent of the country's population 
lives in earthquake-prone zones.  In Istanbul, where the population has been 
growing at a rate of almost half a million a year, the rate of noncompliance 
was estimated at 65 percent."

"Thursday, Saddetin Tantan, the nation's interior minister, joined the 
chorus, promising to bring harsh punishment against the builders of shoddy 
housing and their friend in local city halls."

Frank E. McClure   FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)   August 21, 1999