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Re: Structural fee for planetarium

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 <<   1% is way too little for the type of project was explained. 2% of
the construction coast is more like it since you must do the structural
drafting in your office for better control. 
If you are charging an extra 1 percent of the *total* project cost for structural drafting, you are just plain robbing your clients.  Current cost for preparation of structural shop drawings is about five to seven percent of  the *total* cost of the fabricated and delivered structural steel only.  This preparation would be under the direct supervision of a licensed PE.  I wonder how one would prepare shop shop drawings, ". . . .in accordance with shop and drafting room standards of the fabricator." (AISC Code of Standard Practice 4.3) when the fabricator would be an unknown at bid time ?
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)