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Turkey Earthquake and Moral Responsibilities

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While I have no doubt that the men and women of this newsgroup perform their 
responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner, how many times have I 
read here about payment for site visits and squabbling about structural 
observation? It is a moral and ethical responsibility to do so, both for 
engineers and architects. But it is easy to become entangled in financial 
obligations, as we all know. The developers play on a much bigger scale, with 
more to gain and lose. It's easy to point fingers at greedy developers and 
contractors, and we all know that they exist. But nothing is black and white. 
Much worse, in my opinion, are the lazy and corrupt politicians on the local 
level of every country who thwart what are basically well-meaning laws and 
codes, either by corruption or indifference.

David Owens