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Re: Turkey Earthquake and Moral Responsibilities

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>My complaint addresses lack of proper implimentation of the structural 
This is an old story, and I'll harp on the pressure vessel codes once 
again (I guess I'm like history--we repeat ourselves until someone pays 
attention ;->) Without serious attention to quality assurance in the 
product, the plans are like leaves blowing in the wind. You can't expect 
any owner who goes with cheaper, when forced to choose between an 
economic argument he understands and a technical argument he can't. And 
the situation gets worse when the economic argument is bolstered by a 
contractor who says 'we've never had any problems, and we've done it that 
way for years.' That's why there's an engineering profession.

There is absolutely no question that people would still be dying by the 
hundreds in boiler explosions and refinery accidents without the third 
party inspection mandated by the ASME Code. There's still a fair amount 
of bitching from engineers in my side of the trade abd the AI ('who's not 
even an engineer') who's retained to insure that vessel construction is 
up to the rules, but these people have saved more butts than anyone 
knows, and not a few engineering careers. It could be the same in 
building construction, but it won't be until the insurance business 
(which picks up the bills for everything from structural collapse to 
mildew damage) and the engineering business get together and start making 
up their minds to make inspection a mandatory requirement for lower cost 

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