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RE: Turkey Earthquake and Moral Responsibilities

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Well said Dennis.

It is only logical that a prescriptive design would require a more
conservative design than an engineered design.  It is not that way because
developers have more influence with code committees than do engineers and
architects.  It is partly our fault also.  Not many engineers want to get
involved with "simple" residential design.  If a change is to occur I think
it will have to come because insurance companies either lobby for changes in
the code or they offer preferential rates for engineered buildings.  As you
mentioned, if a building is engineered, but not inspected, it will still be
quite likely to have several instances of poor construction. That is a
separate problem.

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc
205 N. Dewey Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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<< Much worse, in my opinion, are the lazy and corrupt politicians on the
 level of every country who thwart what are basically well-meaning laws and
 codes, either by corruption or indifference.

 David Owens >>

My complaint addresses lack of proper implimentation of the structural
and the possiblity that some (in my area many) smaller developer / builders
will choose the conventional prescriptive methodology to avoid compliance to
more restrictive and costlier construction - regardless of who the owner
up to be. ...

The best thing that we can do for the public is to rewrite the conventional
framing section so that it truely complies with a minimum engineed solution.
I don't suggest abolishing the prescriptive approach - just bring it up to
date so as not to give the profiteer a choice to wrongfully promote his

Dennis S. Wish PE