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Re: Turkey Earthquake and Moral Responsibilities

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In a message dated 8/22/99 11:51:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
rdavis(--nospam--at) writes:

<<  It is not that way because
 developers have more influence with code committees than do engineers and
 architects. >>

Roger, be careful here. This is not what I am saying. Substitute Building 
Industry Association, National Association of Home Builders ect into the 
sentence. The developers have virtually no influence on structural 
engineering committees except in the case of engineers who may be 
representing their interest -but I believe this to be rare.
The political lobby in congress (state and national levels) representing the 
building industry and architects is, in my opinion, much greater than the 
structural engineering lobby. This is where the problem comes in. We simply 
do not have enough support in state and federal offices to institute change 
that force the construction industry to tighten their educational and 
practical experience requirements within their licensing act.  
I'm afraid that this is why SEA is so hell bent on creating more restrictive 
codes - it's a way to compensate for poor construction without consideration 
to the ecconomics and affordablity of the homebuying public. 

>"If a change is to occur I think it will have to come because insurance 
companies >either lobby for changes in the code or they offer preferential 
rates for engineered >buildings"

The insurance industry was the strongest lobby in creating a model 
residential retrofit code - although it is not a mandatory measure. At least 
the public is informed by the disclosure act in California that requires 
these deficiencies to be disclosed to the buyer.

Why is not possible to circumvent the construction industy and shepard a bill 
that requires the disclosure of methodology in residential construction. The 
public, albeit uneducated in technical matters, will be forced to learn about 
what they are purchasing insteading of being bombarded with marketing hype 
that fails to identify the difference between prescriptive and engineered 

Dennis Wish PE