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RE: Steel Building Evaluation (after a fire)

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AISC's A Guide to Engineering and Quality Criteria for Steel Structures
treats the issue of fire evaluation as I've pasted in below. You can order a
copy of this document from the AISC web site or by
calling 800/644-2400. It is publication number S323 and costs $20.


>From Page 73:

"Dill (1960) concludes that, while exposure to fire will almost certainly
cause warping and twisting of members, it does not inevitably follow that
the strength of the steel is reduced. It is almost certain that any steel
that has been heated hot enough to undergo damaging grain coarsening or that
has been cooled rapidly enough to harden it will be so badly distorted that
it would have no consideration for re-use anyway. This leads to the general
statement that steel that has been through a fire but that can be made
dimensionally re-usable by straightening with the methods that are available
may be continued in use with full expectation of performance in accordance
with its specified mechanical properties. Essentially then, the question is
one of economics: if the steel can be straightened for less money than
fabricating and installing a new piece, then that should be done.
	Two possible exceptions to the above include quenched and tempered
structural steels and high-strength fasteners. The mechanical properties of
such heat-treated items may be affected by prolonged fire exposure and
should be tested to determine the effects of the fire, if any.
	Another reference is Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (1980)."

The two references are as follows:

Dill, F.H., 1960, "The Effects of Fire on Structural Steel," Proceedings of
the 1960 AISC National Engineering Conference, AISC, Chicago, IL.

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 1980, Monograph on Planning and
Design of Tall Buildings, Volume CL, Tall Building Criteria and Loading,
ASCE, Reston, VA.

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Hello there!

I'm looking for code,publication and other related documents

for steel bldg. who was damaged by fire with or without the possibility of

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