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Re: Simple Y2K fix

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Bruce Shepard related this on a post to the list.  It has a test that tells
you whether your machine is Y2K compatible.  I used it and passed.

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Date: Monday, August 23, 1999 9:05 AM
Subject: RE: Simple Y2K fix

>I recently read about this in a computer forum - it is not considered to be
>a Y2K fix because this only affects the way dates are displayed.  It does
>not affect the way dates are handled internally in the computer.  I do
>recommend making this change if only to avoid confusion with date displays,
>but don't expect it to cure inherent Y2K problems.
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>> Subject: Simple Y2K fix
>> This interesting piece of mail arrived today. Those of you
>> who are using
>> Windows9x may be interested. It is from a source I consider
>> reasonably
>> reliable and the recommended cure seems innocuous.  I have
>> seen comments that
>> Microsoft missed this in their last release.
>> Click on "START"
>> Click on "SETTINGS"
>> Double click on "CONTROL PANEL"
>> Double click on "REGIONAL SETTINGS" icon (look for the little globe)
>> Click on the "DATE" tab at the top of the page (last tab on
>> the top right)
>> Where it says, "SHORT DATE SAMPLE", look and see if it shows
>> a two digit year
>> format ("YY").  Unless you've previously changed it and you
>> probably haven't,
>> it will be set incorrectly with just the two Y's.  It needs
>> to be four!
>> That's because Microsoft made the 2 digits setting the
>> default setting for
>> Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT.
>> This date format selected is the date that Windows feeds
>> "ALL" application
>> software and will not rollover into the year 2000, it will
>> roll over to the
>> year 00.
>> Click on the button across from "SHORT DATE STYLE" and select
>> option that
>> shows, "mm/dd/yyyy" or "m/d/yyyy".  (Be sure your selection
>> has four y's
>> showing, not just "mm/dd/yy).
>> Then click on "APPLY".
>> Then click on "OK" at the button.
>> Easy enough to fix.  However, every "as distributed"
>> installation of Windows
>> worldwide is defaulted to fail Y2K rollover.
>> Thanks to  Lawyer  Gary Brown and my Brother-In-Law, Judge
>> Stephen Taylor,
>> for passing this along.
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