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Design Manual - Vol. 1

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For those with a copy of the Manual, could you answer the following:

Q1: Is anyone else missing the problem statement for Prob. 48 on pg 147 or is
it just me   - - I just realized this.

Q2: Pg 124. re. deformation compatibility,  shouldn't there be a check for
0.0025, even though, in this case, it doesn't control?

Q3: Pg 102 re spectrum.  Shouldn't there be a lower thresh hold for the lower
period values based on eq. 30-6 & 30-7 of the UBC?

Q4: Pg 57 re Pdelta Effects, last paragraph: How can one verify if the code
requires factored or unfactored loads.  The referenced section of the code
(1630.1.3) doesn't seem to be clear.  The manual says not to factor them.

Q5: Does anyone know if an "ERRA" sheet exists on the volume?

ed gonzalez