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Re: PE Review Materials

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One of the best sources for review material is from NCEES.  They publish a sample exam with solutions and grading commentary. 
Used in conjunction with your text books and professional publications this is really all you need.
The best approach is to use the sample exam in a series of steps:
1. Sit down like you were about to begin the exam, read the questions only (not the solutions) and decide if you can solve them.  You have now identified your initial areas and topics of weakness.
2. Review the topics from above with your text books and references until you know the material.
3. Return to the exam and take the test in a timed simulated test environment.
4. Grade yourself according to the presented commentary, Return to item two.
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Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 1999 7:10 AM
Subject: PE Review Materials

I will be taking the Principles and Practice Exam this October, and I am wondering if there are any
really good review materials that any of you would recommend. I tried to sign up for a refresher class, but due to
lack of enrollment, it was canceled.
Jen Dressler
Triad Engineering
Milwaukee, WI