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RE: basement wall restrained by wood floor

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Unfortunately, even if you design the wooden floor diaphragm to restrain the
walls at the top, the quality of construction is so critical to proper
performance that unless you have lots of control at the job site, I wouldn't
dare to restrain the concrete wall with the wooden floor diaphragm.  I'd say
design it as a catilever wall (unless its really tall).  I know its
conservative, but hey, foundations are hard and expensive to fix.  Just my
two cents.
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Subject: basement wall restrained by wood floor

Has anyone had any bad experiences with retaining walls restrained by
plywood diaphragms?  With a basement wall that is pinned at the top and
bottom, a wood floor is subjected to significant sustained in-plane
compression.  Even with a well drained wall and proper floor nailing and
blocking I would expect shrinkage and creep of the wood diaphragm to
result in problems such as distress to brittle floor finishes(tile).
Any examples to cite?


Dan Devlin
San Jose, CA