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Re: Concrete repair manuals

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Look into Aberdeen's Concrete Repair Digest, the Aberdeen Group, 630-543-0870.

Also, International Concrete Repair Institute, 703-450-0116.

Concrete repairs can have to do with numerous issues: corrosion, sulfate 
attack, impact, cracking with a variety of causes, reactive aggregate, for 
example.  ACI has standards and committee reports dealing with many of the 
issues.  To gain an understanding of the problems to be understood and solved 
in your case, you might start with ACI 201.1R, Guide for Making a Condition 
Survey of Concrete in Service; it's listed on page 24 of the current ACI 

Also, check out Concrete Repair Guide, ACI 546-R, page 61 of the Catalog. 


Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer