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RE: BOCA, exposed concrete 4,500psi

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Title: RE: BOCA, exposed concrete 4,500psi

In Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario (my previous home) the standard we insisted on for all curbs/sidewalks/entry stairs,  etc was minimum 35 MPa  (>5000 psi). Anything less didn't stand up to our winters and the salt.  In heavily salted  locations (e.g. high school front steps) went with 40 MPa (5800 psi).

You also want to include around 6 percent air entrainment to deal with freeze-thaw cycles. 

-Subject: Re: BOCA, exposed concrete 4,500psi

Here in Maryland our local codes fokes want us to use 4,500 psi concrete for
all non-residential exterior concrete, sidewalks in particular because we use
deicing chemicals (salt),  BOCA section1907.1 appears to support this as well
as ACI table 4.2.2. 

Are we all specifying this or is there a "get around" for this or I am
missing something altogether, at best I would consider 4500 psi for marine

Jeff Fertich, PE