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Re: dynamics of structures

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>I am currently working on project regarding on structural dynamics of
>structures related to earthquakes. Basically, it covers about time-history
>(direct integration method), modal superposition analysis (SRSS, CQC) and
>other related topics on dynamics.
>Can anyone recommend any good website or good book or manual on dynamics of
Your scope covers a lot of ground; there are hundreds of books on the 
subject. You might want to take this in easy bites--maybe a couple of 
dozen books at a time. Timoshenko's book on structural dynamics covers 
the math, as does den Hartog's 'Mechanical Vibrations.' Structural 
Dynamics for the Practicing Engineer' by H. M. Irvine is an excellent 
book covering the fundamentals in a rigorous but conversational vein. 
'Nuclear Reactors and Earthquakes' (TID-7024) is a oldie but goodie. You 
should be able to get this from the NTIS. Suggest you hit a web site that 
handles technical books and see what they have on earthquakes. Appendix N 
of section III of the ASME Code outlines procedures applicable to nuke 
plants as does the USNRC Standard Review Plan 3.7.8.

I doubt there's a single web site that covers everything you mention. 
Might not hurt to look around.

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