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Required wall attachment to a flexible diaphragm.

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The 1997 UBC Section 1633. indicates the values for Rp and Ap of 3.0
and 1.5 respectively should be used for elements of the wall anchorage

What are the components of the wall anchorage system that these values apply
to?  Is it the attachment of the wall to the diaphragm.  Or does this also
include the subdiaphragms and cross-ties?

if hx = hr ==> Fp = ap*Ca*Ip/Rp*(4Wp)
			= 1.5 * (.44*1.2) * 1.0 / 3 * 4 * Wp  = 1.06Wp

This seems high to me.  If anyone could take the time to clarify/confirm
this, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Joseph M. Otto, PE
Ireland Engineering
Fremont, CA