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Re: presentation on Turkey earthquake in Santa Barbara in Sept.

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Dear Mr. Harris:

I am greteful to have been selected as a recipient of Nabih Yousef Award.

I just spoke with your secretary, and she gave me a confirmation nunmber
which I 
would not know how to use it. Could you tell me if the money can be used for
the conference registeration and stay in another hotel (of a lower rate)
rather than using it for the conference hotel.

Also, I would appreciate it if you could let me know of the general format
for the poster.

Look forward to seeing you again.


Majid Sarraf

At 11:08 PM 8/26/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>     Due to the late developments in Turkey we are planning to have a 
>presentation from some SEAOC members who are there now , at the SEAOC 
>convention in Santa Barbara next month. The technical presentations had been 
>finalized June 1 ( this is currently displayed on the web site : 
> )so we are trying to fit the presentation into the appropriate 
>time. I would appreciate hearing from members planning to attend if they 
>think this should be fit into the 30 minute time slot like the other paper 
>presentations or 1 hour , or longer. I have had several offers so we could 
>probably have our members who were there talk as long as desired. While it is 
>extremely interesting it is very difficult this late in the preparations ( 
>which started over a year ago ) to make more than a 30 minute space since we 
>already have 31 speakers, but if i get feedback that more time is important , 
>from enough people, we will try to add more time.The proceedings and program 
>have already gone to print.
>Please post your opinions on the amount of time that would be appropriate. 
>Thanks in advance
>Tom Harris
>convention technical program chair

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