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RE: Radiant heat/conc. floor

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Interesting question.  While I've seen Bob Villa install these on
television, the issue of slab cracking has never been addressed.  How about
providing some WWF in the slab above the piping?  (Never saw old Bob use any
reinforcing in a slab, though.)  How much cover does the system mfr.
recommend / require?  I don't think the introduction of the piping would
induce any flexural cracking, so how about Fibremesh??


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Subject: Radiant heat/conc. floor

Does anyone have experience with a radiant heating system in concrete
slab on grade? I have a client wishing to use this type of heating
system. What precautions can be taken to ensure slab cracks not occuring
at locations of pipes within the slab?

Any takers on this?