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Re: Radiant heat/conc. floor

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No personal knoeledge of design, however all the houses built by Joseph 
Eichler in Walnut Creek, CA . contained radiant heat systems in their 
concrete slabs which were  on grade.  We lived in one for 10 years and never 
experienced any problems.  Some of the  houses did, however, due to faulty 
construction-the  workmen when pouring the concrete slab apparently did not 
use "dobies" under the pipes, and as a result there was no cover under the 
copper pipes-they just lay on the adobe soils and eventually corroded through 
and leaked.
Wonderful heating system, though.  
If you call me personally , I will try to get some more details for you, 
bearing in mind that this occured some some forty years ago.
Tom Coull PE          (TBCoull(--nospam--at)
654 Banyan Lane 
Walnut Creek, CA 94598