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RE: Radiant heat/conc. floor

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I have designed numerous slabs on grade with radient heat tubes. All of them are in Alaska. Place a minimum of 12 inches of clean sandy gravel, 3 inches minimum sand, 2 inches minimum (depends on location in AK) styrofoam blue, ( prefer the 60 psi compressive strength), fasten tubes to styrofoam with staple, ties, or other and place concrete. I treat these slabs as any other with crack control by mesh or fibers. The only problem to watch for is where the tubes are very close togather as in the area of the manifold. The friction of the tubes on the styrofoam is quite high and cracking very hard to control. You may want to consider adding rebar or more mesh in this area. If you have more questions contact me direct via emil.

James Allen, P.E.

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Subject: 	Radiant heat/conc. floor

Does anyone have experience with a radiant heating system in concrete
slab on grade? I have a client wishing to use this type of heating
system. What precautions can be taken to ensure slab cracks not occuring
at locations of pipes within the slab?

Any takers on this?