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Re: Structural fee for planetarium

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In my opinion, since you are designing a "planetarium", your fee ought to be
ASTRONOMICAL!  Spell everything out specifically--nothing left NEBULAS!

You may want to review the discussion on Eating Cost Overruns.  I hope you are
not (gasp) "bidding" to do this design work?

Here's some food for thought, which should get you in the right STARPARK:



6% 1st  $500,000, then  5% of balance

Land 6-8% of sale price

example: realtor estimation math - for $700,000  [ASD]

   $700,000 x 5% + add another $5,000 = $40,000

   (which equals the real answer using the 6% rule above)


James Bela
Oregon Earthquake Awareness

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John Dewar {FRI 20 AUG 1999 16:43:01} wrote::
> We're designing a planetarium/classroom building for a college.  What sort of
> fee would one expect for the structural design?  Some statistics:
> 58,000 sf of combined classroom floor space and a planetarium
> 61' domed roof at the planetarium, using tension and compression rings and
> struts
> Two story construction for the adjoining classrooms
> Estimated total construction cost:  $8,500,000 to $10,000,000
> Estimated structural construction cost:  $1,200,000
> Minimal construction services
> This isn't very detailed information.  I'm just trying to see what others have
> experienced in general with similar projects.  Thanks in advance!
> ...................
> John Dewar
> ext. 7431