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Earthquake in Turkey

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This is from a Coastal Engineering e-mail list to which I subscribe.

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Subject:	Earthquake in Turkey

I am writing from Istanbul, 100 km's west of the earthquake's
epi-center. For the past one week I have been on the field analysing the
aftermath of the earthquake especially at the coast. The actual picture
is even worse than what it has been shown on international news
channels. The fault which caused this earthquake runs through the Sea of
Marmara, a region known as the heart of the turkish industry and
therefore inhabitated with the highest population density.

During our field trips we were able to locate the fault line starting
from the Lake of Sapanca on the eastern boundary up to Golcuk, a town
located at the eastern most coast of the Sea of Marmara called Izmit
Bay. Another fact which makes this earthquake so devistating is that
Izmit Bay is the headquarters of the Turkish Naval Fleet. Not only this,
but the country's largest refinaries, shipyards and civil ports are
located at Izmit Bay.

To coordinate the help traffic, we have set-up a coordination center at
our Department. From here we are trying to answer an overwhelming demand
for engineering expertise. As of today my colleague Paul Work from
Clemson University has joined our department for his sabbatical.

Considering the severity of the situation, I would like to draw the
attention of all qualified coastal engineering institutions and
companies to this earthquake. Those who have know-how on earthquake
damaged coastal structures and have the power to activate funds for
large scale projects are especially welcome.


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