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RE: Radiant heat/conc. floor

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Mark - I installed a radiant heat system in all SOG areas of my home (new constr
'96).  The 1/2" ID polyethylene tubing was tied to 6x6/10 rolled wire with a
"parallel" configuration:  6" OC  edges, 12" OC field.  The tubing was intended
for placement in the lower third of the 4" SOG.  The majority of the tubing was
cast in the lower third of the SOG...with the wire rusting in the sand above my
vapor barrier (this recollection brings back other unpleasant memories of
construction).  I have replaced large sections of floor coverings (pet
training...more bad memories) and have had an opportunity to inspect areas that
the tubing was properly embedded after 2+ years of service.  I have not noted
any substantial increase in hairline fractures or reflection cracking due to the
presence of the tubing.  Another sector was placed with the tubing oriented in a
circular fashion, fanning out from the center.  No reflection cracking is noted
for this test area.  Tubing was also placed in an outdoor patio area;  no
reflection cracking noted.  I am presently helping a neighbor lace tubing in the
formwork of a swimming pool deck (reverse radiant exchange for the pool) and I
have great expectations for the performance of this system.  The "Wirsbo"
company, one manufacturer of tubing and control systems,  may be able to
document a more definitive history of performance.  Hope that inspires.

Gerard Madden <GerardM(--nospam--at)> on 08/27/99 11:58:05 AM

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I know that Candlestick Park has that in their seating decks. It works
wonderfully, you don't even notice that its 10 below on the playing
field. (Just a little joke for the list)

Actually, I have nothing really constructive to add other than I think
most of the new baseball stadiums use this and now it actually works.

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> Does anyone have experience with a radiant heating system in concrete
> slab on grade? I have a client wishing to use this type of heating
> system. What precautions can be taken to ensure slab cracks not
> occuring
> at locations of pipes within the slab?
> Any takers on this?
> Mark