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RE: Radiant heat/conc. floor

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Our Eichler ('63) still has it's radiant system intact (knock on wood).  In
Switzerland, where we lived for a few years, radiant heating (Bodenheizung)
is the norm, usually powered by an oil-fired boiler.  It produces a much
more agreeable climate than forced air, in my humble opinion.

John Silva
San Rafael

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> It is my understanding that in many cases the radiant heating systems in
> the Eichler homes had to be abandoned due to leaking pipes.  One commonly
> accepted source of the leaks is corrosion resulting from the copper pipes
> being placed in contact with the reinforcing steel.  The newer plastic
> pipe
> systems should adddress this concern.
> Mark Gilligan
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> >No personal knoeledge of design, however all the houses built by Joseph 
> Eichler in Walnut Creek, CA . contained radiant heat systems in their 
> concrete slabs which were  on grade.  We lived in one for 10 years and
> never 
> experienced any problems.  Some of the  houses did, however, due to faulty
> construction-the  workmen when pouring the concrete slab apparently did
> not
> use "dobies" under the pipes, and as a result there was no cover under the
> copper pipes-they just lay on the adobe soils and eventually corroded
> through 
> and leaked.
> Wonderful heating system, though.  
> If you call me personally , I will try to get some more details for you, 
> bearing in mind that this occured some some forty years ago.
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