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RE: Sect 1632 Elements, Nonstructural Components & equip

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Use code section 1634.5 "Other Non-Building Structures"

If the safe has its own lateral system, design it with this criteria.

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> From:	Steve Privett [SMTP:eqretrodr(--nospam--at)]
> Sent:	Tuesday, August 31, 1999 9:37 AM
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> Subject:	Sect 1632 Elements, Nonstructural Components & equip
> I'm working on the anchorage of a prefabricated "walk in" safe in So
> Calif
> and have considered it a nonstructural component of the building, much
> like
> a piece of equipment.  It is self supporting for vertical loads, and
> does
> not support any aspects of the building it is housed in.
> When determining the total design force (Fp)and using eq 32-1 of the
> 97 UBC
> I get a substanially higher factor than using the comparable equation
> from
> earlier codes.  The 97 code specifies Fp=4.0*Ca*Ip*Wp
> Assuming a soil type of Sd and a seismic source type of A and a Near
> source
> factor of 1.5, I end up with 4.0*.44*1.5*1.0*Wp or 2.64*Fp  This seems
> so
> much higher than the older equation of ZICpWp which results in .8Wp at
> a
> worse case senerio.  
> Have I missed something here?  Are we really to anchor equipment now
> for
> forces more than 3 times what the earlier codes required?
> Steve Privett