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RE: Structural Engineer magazine

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I have to admit that I like the sound of "rattling cages."

I wonder. Is this not going to be the obligatory "look, here's a project we
did that we think is really nifty" type rag?

Is it possible that it will be more along the lines of what the IT
profession has with InfoWorld, where we can talk frankly about our
profession, our jobs (since a good many of use are STILL employees), about
ourselves as employees, and about the future of all the above?

Is it possible that we are beginning to have our collective conscience
raised (or that such a magazine will attempt to do so)?

Or am I just dreaming?

Good luck to your endeavor.

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> ...I want Structural Engineer to be
> the engineer?s voice in the industry, so we need to hear from you.
> Hopefully we can rattle some cages as this list server has
> done. Thanks