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RE: Anchor Bolt/Nut Plug Weld

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See pages 50 and 51 of AISC's "A Guide to Engineering and Quality Criteria
for Steel Structures: Common Questions Answered." Specifically, item number
7.1.5, which deals with anchors that come up short. The information therein
is based upon the collective judgement of the AISC Committee on Manuals and
Textbooks. I don't know of anything more emphatic, like a prohibition in a

I suspect if you ask to see the welding procedure specification that the
person who wants to do it intends to follow, it will stop them in their
tracks. A possible indirect prohibition may be found in the form of the
surface condition requirements that are specified for surfaces on which weld
metal will be deposited in AWS D1.1. I can't see any way the exposed rim of
a threaded nut would pass. Also, I wonder into which category the A563 nut
material falls for filler metal selection and other such issues. This all
leads to AWS requirements that the weld be qualified by testing.


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Subject: Anchor Bolt/Nut Plug Weld

According to the August, 1999 Modern Steel Construction, plug welding a
less-than-fully-threaded nut to an anchor rod (bolt) is not an effective
means of attachment.  This concurs with my company's policy.  Lately one of
our clients has become increasingly agitated over this policy.  I would like
to back up our recommendations with something more substantial than this
blurb from the Steel Quiz in MSC.  Can anyone guide me to research,
articles, codes, or books that deal with this topic in detail?  Stories
relating first-hand experience would also be welcome.  Thanks in advance for
any help.

Frank S. Griffin, Jr., EIT
Fort Worth, Texas