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In a message dated 9/1/1999 10:02:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Ben.Yousefi(--nospam--at) writes:

<< 1.   Blocking and edge nailing should be provided at the top and bottom
 of the pier for the entire width of the pier. (along with some straps as
 collectors) >>

The design example from the February 1998 '97UBC Wood Seminar by Bill Nelson 
and Doug Thompson had a good clear example of how to design a shearwall with 
I don't think that the blocking adjacent to the sill or header need be the 
entire width of the wall, but should be as long as required to collect the 
horizontal reaction at these two member which is calculated in the example. 
Therefore, the development length will vary according to the calculated 
I have an example where there is a wall approximately twenty two feet long 
with four openings for windows. The openings are 2'-6" x 4'-0" high with the 
plate heights at 12'. The calculated shears are very low - around 58 plf, but 
I choose to sheath the entire wall.  In this case I might make the blocking 
continuous although the resulting tension would not need to extend past one 
bay of studs.

There should be a shortcut approach to this as well and possibly it can be 
presented to Bill Nelson as a question for discussion on the panel at the 
SEAOC Convention. The analysis is cumbersome, to say the least. Although, it 
can be simplified by use of a template - excel or Mathcad.