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RE: Anchor bolts project too far

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Inspect the anchor bolts to see if the threads are cut into the 2.5"
thickness (actual tensile area is less than 2.5" excluding the threads).
 Some standard AB's will have the actual thread diameter greater than
the diameter of the AB.  If the diameter of the threads is the same as
the diameter of the AB (similar to threaded rod), you can cut off the AB
and rethread it.  If the diameter of the AB shaft is less than the
diameter of the threads then reanalyze the tensile capacity of the AB
with the new diameter equal to (2.5" dia.) - (2 x thread root depth).
If the AB still works  with the new diameter cut it off and rethread it
with the same diameter threads as the bolt shaft.  If it doesn't work
with the smaller diameter, cut the AB off 6"-8" short and weld on a
threaded extension.  Be careful to have this done in accordance with an
acceptable welding procedure as outlined by AWS.  

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Subject: Anchor bolts project too far

Any ideas on how to fix 2.5" dia anchor bolts that should project 12",
but longer bolts were placed projecting 36" and unfortunately only the
top 10" are threaded. So when cut to right length, there is no threads.
The embedment length is correct.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Andy Costello