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Re: Topping out a steel structure with a tree and What About th

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> The welding metal used in L.A.?s 1,500
>steel-frame buildings is brittle and prone to failure under seismic pressure.
I read the article in the LA Weekly, and it seemed completely bereft of any suggestions about action to be taken. I appreciate the problem, which has been with us for over 50 years, but the notion that someone can replace all the welds in 1500+ framed structures is nuts. It'd make about as much sense to condemn everything, drop each building with explosives and start over. I doubt that a significant percentage of the affected welds are even accessible. There's a good chance that repairs to even the accessible welds pose a great risk of fire. 

Without having seen any real engineering evaluation of the welds themselves, I doubt that brittle welds would be blamed on Lincoln Electric were there a handier deep pocket within subpoena range. Brittle welds usually result from improper weld procedures, slipshod QA and casual engineering specification of consumables, procedures and joint details. And I daresay that the notion of 'prequalified joints' requiring no qualified procedures or welders is back there somewhere. 

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