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Re: [RE: SAP2000 and STAAD III softwares and STRAP too]

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I am taking the privilage of adding one more software to your list. 

I have worked on STAAD III, SAP90 and at present I am working on STRAP. It is
a really beautiful software which is verymuch userfriendly. The software is
similar to STAAD III in many ways and it even allows you the batch processing
too, but you may never use it.

It has a very userfriendly graphic interface too.

The help system too is advanced. A context sensitive help and a detailed
explanation of the methods adopted, assumptions etc makes the software the
best among its class. (Compare the price too)

The software has excellent design ccapebilities compared to STAAD III. The
code checking are also displayed so that we do not have to validate the
software results. 

It has an excellent bridge analysis module and cold formed design module also,
among which I have not tried cold formed steel design.

I think there will be a distributor there also for STRAP there. Their website

William Keil <WJK(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I have used both programs extensively and find both programs relatively
similar.  Both are general 3-dimensional analysis programs and I rate both
programs high.  If it were my decision, I would select the program based on
1) ease of use, 2) output quality, 3) hardware requirements, and 4) price.
I am aware of several technical design flaws in previous versions of
STAADIII.  I discovered a major flaw (was corrected in the next version) and
my company demanded their money back.  If your business designs buildings
more than anything else I would recommend ETABS over SAP2000.

William J. Keil, P.E. 

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Subject: SAP2000 and STAAD III softwares

My company is having problem in deciding on whether to get SAP2000 from CSI
or STAAD III from Research Engineer. Would greatly appreciated if anyone of
you who had the opportunity to use both the software can kindly provide
feedback/advice/experience with regards to these two software.
Thanks in advance.


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