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Section 1633.2.6 & 1612.4

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I don't know if this has been discussed in this forum but if it hasn't can 
anyone tell me how the requirements for collectors, etc. in section 1633.2.6 
and the reference to the "special seismic load" of section 1612.4 translate 
to Allowable Stress Design?

Does the last paragraph mean that after you factor the load Eh by omega to 
get Em, you can than increase the allowable stresses (or decrease the load 
Em) by 1.7 ?

 Also when the section states "the increase shall not be combined with a 
one-third stress increase permitted by Section 1612.3, but may be combined 
with the duration of load increase permitted in Division III of chapter 23" 
does that mean you can increase the stress by one-third for seismic loads as 
per Table 2.3.2 pg 2-291 as long as the collector is made of wood?