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Re: Something to think about Friends/Colleagues

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Over the past year, I believe that errant "unsubscribe" message volume has
surpassed philosophical message volume by 50 to 1 if not more (certainly more if
you count the periodic burst of postings complaining about errant "unsubscribe"
message volume).  If this list ever becomes dominated by messages not directly
related to structural engineering there could be a problem, but this is
certainly far from the case now.  Until then, I will enjoy the two or three
philosophical messages a year that I may receive from this list and view them as
a refreshing discussion of engineering and professional ethics rather than an

Paul Crocker

>      Please understand that some of us subscribe to this list because we
> don't know everything yet.  Possibly 75% of the posts are of no interest to
> me, for one reason or another.  But now and again I pick up a kernel of
> information that expands my understanding of my trade.  Currently, I'm
> willing to sort through the posts to find the ones that seem relevant to me.
> If the list becomes cluttered with posts that do not pertain to structural
> engineering, then some of us will not persevere.  Maybe you consider this to
> be the best news you've heard in a while?
> John P. Riley