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RE: Visual Analysis

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Remember when you saw John Candy in the End-Zone before you engineered
the 92 yard drive to beat the Cincinatti Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII ?
That was awesome Joe. I am going to buy your commerative Coors beer can
out this week.

Babe Ruth, S.E., P.E., E.I.T., PhD, M.S., B.S., OBGYN . . . . .

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> Sent:	Wednesday, September 08, 1999 3:03 PM
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> Subject:	Visual Analysis
> I recently purchased the analysis program by IES "Visual Analysis".  I
> think very easy to use, and at a great price.  However, I have not
> heard
> much about it, specifically about its reliability as an analytical
> tool.  Anyone has been able to consistently verify the accuracy of the
> answers?  Any thoughts about the program?  It would be interesting to
> set up a user group page to share info.
> Thanks,
> Joe Montana, P.E.