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RE: Snow Loads

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Title: RE: Snow Loads

Not surprisingly, we know a thing or two about snow in Canada.
A good reference is the  "Structural Commentaries on the National Building Code of Canada 1995."
Try and look for the English publications.

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Subject: Snow Loads

What are some references for obtaining background information on the
following topics related to UBC requirements for snow loading:

1.    Exposure factors Ce from Table A-16-A. Specifically, what are the
definitions for densely forested or sheltered areas.

2.    Roof slope reduction factors. Also, are there shapes and/or
surfaces which would qualify for some measure of snow load reduction?

I am familiar with drift load code requirements from work published in
the ASCE Structural Journal in the 80's but am curious if there are any
further developments or design information.

Anyone know of any text devoted to structural design for snow loads and